I'd Rather Be Snowed In


Image of I'd Rather Be Snowed In

LIMITED SIZES REMAINING FOR THIS DESIGN- WHEN THEY'RE GONE THEY ARE GONE! (Please note: we are unable to exchange this particular design for size due to limited remaining quantities - we apologize for the inconvenience but we hope you enjoy the discount!).

What's your preference, WNY? Tornadoes ripping your roof off, or a quiet night in front of the fire? Earthquakes shaking you out of bed, or a snow day so you can sleep in? This shirt lets people know that, for a Buffalonian, a few feet of snow isn't a problem, and it's better than the alternatives. Available in a stylish black Hanes Tagless 100% pre-shrunk cotton t-shirt. The snow drift in this great designs lists all of the natural disasters we DON'T have to worry about in this great area of the country. Snow is something that a shovel and some sun can take care of pretty darn quickly.