I'd Rather Be Snowed In

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Image of I'd Rather Be Snowed In

ONLY LIMITED SIZES IN THIS DESIGN ARE AVAILABLE...WHEN IT'S GONE IT'S GONE (as a result we cannot exchange this design for size...sorry for this inconvenience. Please be certain before ordering that we have the exact size available that you need...THANK YOU).

What's your preference, WNY? Tornadoes ripping your roof off, or a quiet night in front of the fire? Earthquakes shaking you out of bed, or a snow day so you can sleep in? This shirt lets people know that, for a Buffalonian, a few feet of snow isn't a problem, and it's better than the alternatives. Available in a stylish black Hanes Tagless 100% pre-shrunk cotton t-shirt. The snow drift in this great designs lists all of the natural disasters we DON'T have to worry about in this great area of the country. Snow is something that a shovel and some sun can take care of pretty darn quickly.